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Monday, October 5, 2015

Re: pr press release FYI


The Hyaid Group - A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Diamond International Group Inc. (Nasdaq: DMDI), Appoints Chris Fidis, Director of Customer Service

    HICKSVILLE, N.Y., Feb. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Hyaid Group, Inc.,   one of the largest Direct Mail Service organizations in the U.S., with total   integrated support services for the industry, has announced today that Chris   Fidis has been appointed Director of Customer Services.       "Chris joins our company with many years of experience in the field of   telephony engineering and design, (in both hardware and software). He has been   instrumental in the design and implementation of our Home based customer   service ACD system. With his experience and knowledge in these areas, we will   now have a far stronger management team with respect to proper assignment,   monitoring, training and controlling of reps both in house and at home."   stated Dick Levinson, DMDI's president and CEO.       Prior to joining The Hyaid Group, Mr. Fidis held the position of Northeast   Region Senior Systems Sales Support Engineer at Staples Communications Inc.   While their Mr. Fidas re-engineered the front office sales interface and   communication between customers, customer service and back office financial   reporting. Mr. Fidis brings over 20 years of experience in the Telecomm   industry and client server based call center solutions.          About The Hyaid Group       The Hyaid Group has been revolutionizing the customer service function of   the direct mail industry by utilizing an untapped resource of qualified   customer service personnel without the historical overheads. Hyaid is a fully   multi-faceted order processing company that has been servicing the direct   response industry for 33 years. Its modern facility boasts of over 300 highly   skilled professionals in three operating divisions comprised of; Computerized   Order Processing services, Customer Service Operations, and Data Entry. Our   customer service operations feature the Hyaid "Home Run System(TM)" a   proprietary hardware and software package that engages independent   professionals working from their homes and tied into the Hyaid ACD system.   This unique system allows CSRs to be dedicated to only one client or project,   enabling Hyaid to use an unlimited number of customer service professionals   across the country, to answer calls and maintain the highest degree of   familiarity with any client they are assigned to.       The Hyaid in-house CSR professionals are fully cross trained, ready, and   waiting to handle not only our smaller clients, but any unexpected   fluctuations that may arise due to unplanned emergencies, volume spikes,   volume drops or seasonal promotions. By being equipped with a state-of-the-art   Windows based system built on an Oracle database with redundant firewall   protection, our client's information is well protected and organized in the   most modern and sophisticated manner. This system allows each CSR, wherever   they are operating from, to access a real-time database consisting of each   customer's history. Hyaid monitors and safe guards each CSR's quality and   performance regardless of the location, thereby enabling customer service   lines to be operational 24/7, while maintaining the lowest activity cost in   the industry. For more information, visit The Hyaid Group at          6 Commercial Avenue, Hicksville, NY 11801 phone: 516-433-3800,   fax: 516-822-8028, web site,                          MAKE YOUR OPINION COUNT -  Click Here              

SOURCE The Hyaid Group, Inc.
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Subject: Re: Training and certs
Iseotec system 36 systems installation / maintenance / programming training
Isoetec systems 96 installation / maintenance / programming training
custom plus acd  systems installation / maintenance / programming training
vx2 voice mail systems installation / maintenance / programming training
Versed in Lean Six Sigma manager training principles "adaptive management"
Cyber security, hacker tracing, log analysis
Htaccess file security measures, redirect, denial of server access
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Subject: Ref certs
Much of my work experience has been company training / hands on / mentoring / self instruction learning
Below are all of the training references that I remember.
Mitel PBX systems installation / maintenance / programming training
Tie key systems installation / maintenance / programming training
OKI PBX systems installation / maintenance / programming training
Siemens PBX system installation / maintenance / programming training
Fugitsu systems programming / installation / training
Isoetec systems installation / maintenance training
VAX systems training
LCR training
Apriori systems training
IVIE voicemail installation / maintenance / programming training
ACD callcenter training
Customer service training
Octel Voicemail systems installation / maintenance / programming training
XENIX OS installation / maintenance / programming training
UNIX installation / maintenance / programming training
LINUX installation / maintenance / programming training
Teloquent Call Center systems ISDN based contact center installation / maintenance / programming training
Bell Atlantic ISDN line order systems training
Nynex centrex systems reseller training
MCI 56k voice reseller trainiung
Sprint 56k voice reseller training
Nortel Systems configurator pre-sales support training.
Avaya Aura implementation systems training
Avaya Aura installation / setup programming
Avaya aura redundant co – location training
Alcatel boot systems camp training
Alcatel VOIP system training
Alcatel Network Assessment training
Alcatel PRI echo cancelation training
WEB Hosting LINUX – Word Press, Joomla installation / maintenance / programming training
PHP scripting installation / maintenance / programming training
Perl installation / maintenance / programming training
HTML installation / maintenance / programming training
CSS installation / maintenance / programming training
VERIZON customer excellence training
VERIZON implementation procedural training
VERIZON premesys sales / quote / configuration / system training
VERIZON Lan Wan networking training
VERIZON MPLS networking systems training
VERIZON VOIP Pri systems training
Adtran modem / router systems training
Nortel BCM 50 systems training
Nortel BCM 450 systems training
Avaya IP office systems training
Project management CBT
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Subject: Training and certs



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